When we developed First Frets, we wanted to offer a comprehensive guitar lesson experience, a place where guitarists of any age and skill level could go to take their playing to the next level.

Many of the features at First Frets are designed to parallel the in-person, private guitar lesson experience, while also delivering the freedom, affordability and convenience of online lessons.

Take a quick look at our feature list below:

  • Exciting curriculum to guide you at any stage of your playing, whether you’re a complete beginner or you’ve been playing guitar for years.
    First Frets courses are carefully designed to help you meet your guitar playing goals, whether you’re 13 or 73, male or female. You don’t need innate musical talent and it’s never too late to begin playing the guitar. Our curriculum is for everyone!

  • An informal but professional environment. At First Frets there is a personal, face-to-face vibe to the lessons. It’s as if you’re sitting right across from a private instructor in his own studio.

  • Instructor interaction. Get stuck? Ask your instructor a question directly.

  • Points and Achievements. Get rewarded for playing guitar!

  • Weekly Quizzes. Optional weekly quizzes help you retain the lesson info and also earn you additional achievement points.

  • Freedom. Go at your own pace, and in a routine that works for you. While we have developed a single path to develop you as a guitarist, you can skip around at your leisure or jump right in the middle of a course. Explore!

  • No more wasting time on random warm up exercises, exotic scale shapes; no more piecemealing from various videos, channels, teachers, and styles. No more wondering if you’ve missed something important.

  • Simplicity and clarity. One track that develops you into a well rounded, able guitarist.

  • Practical exercises that help you truly grasp and own the lessons.

  • Easy-to-understand instruction on chords, scales, modes, theory, and techniques.

  • Warm up exercises that will last a lifetime.

  • Learn acoustic and electric.

  • Learn how to read and write TAB.

  • Learn techniques that allow you to tackle barre chords with ease.

  • A musical, song-based approach to lessons that gives life to every piece of theory and technique, where being a musician, not a technician, is the goal.

  • Great songs are part of the curriculum! What better way to apply what you’ve learned? Both the Beginner and Intermediate course are chock-full of time tested, popular songs that illustrate the technique and theory you’re learning.

  • Exclusive Blog content, including song tutorials, bonus exercise videos, practice tips and much more!

  • Q&A on every lesson. Each lesson’s comment section helps broaden your understanding of guitar and music in general.

With these resources at your disposal, we’re confident you have everything you need to become a great guitarist.