How We Spent Our Summer: Making major updates to the First Frets site!

We now have over a year’s worth of guitar instruction available to subscribers. To make the experience more efficient and fun, we reorganized the course material by themes like “Early Essentials,” “Getting Grounded,” “Digging Deeper,” “Beginner Blues,” and more. The video quality is now as good as anything you can find on the Internet. For kicks, we found every awesome song in the history of music and put it in the core curriculum (perhaps a slight exaggeration). All this–plus all future content–is included in our $10/month Full Access subscription.

Yes, $10.

$10 might get you lunch these days, but it won’t get you a single guitar lesson from most teachers. With First Frets, $10 buys you access to hundreds of lessons!

We’ve spent countless hours researching what’s out there and we’re confident we have some of the highest quality guitar instruction available online. Mention it to a friend. Mention it to your enemies. Mention it to every third person you meet. Share this post with everyone or directly with someone who you know wants lessons. Gift a subscription if you want, you’ll be getting a jump on Christmas! Point is, we’d appreciate any assistance getting the word out about First Frets!

Perhaps you know someone who has always talked about wanting to take lessons. Or maybe you know a mom who wants guitar lessons for her kids, but dreads trying to cram something else into her schedule. Maybe you have a friend or relative who is interested in music, but doesn’t want the pressure of a face-to-face guitar lesson. Or maybe you know a musician who plays several instruments and wants to add guitar to their repertoire. We’re confident you can think of someone that needs to know about First Frets!

We are thrilled to have everything on the site the way we want it. Students are finding the site easy to use and the instruction fun and thorough.

Help us spread the word any way you can! To say we would appreciate it is an understatement.